Thinking about your patients


Thinking about your patients

Recent conclusion by the prestigious MGD workshop report that MGD is likely the leading cause of all dry eye is supported by a large body of evidence-based medicine reporting the compromise to meibomian gland function negatively impacts all aspects of ocular surface health.

Intense Pulsed Light therapy appear as a safe and efficient threatment in relieving simptoms and signs of DED-MGD eyes. No significant complications has been observed.


  • Vascular
  • Anti – inflamatory
  • Anti – Microbial
  • Tissue regeneration


  • Rosacea
  • Telangiectasia
  • MGD
  • Brown spots
  • Wrinkles

Advanced IPL Technology

Pulse Duration - TRT - Pulse Duration

Fractionated pulse:
Security guarantee

The pulse of ThermaeyePlus can be divided up to three pulses. The fractionated pulses allow to use higher fluences while protecting the skin. The Doctor can select the duration and energy of each individual pulse, and also set the interval. This intelligent technology protects the skin and prevents thermal damage.

The interaction of the different wavelengths and skin layers determines the choice of the appropriate filter based on the treatment and patient’s phototype.

Reduced risk of thermal damage

The advanced integrated skin cooling system of the ThermaeyePlus hand piece prevents excessive temperature increase of the epidermis.

This prevents unwanted side effects on the skin and makes the treatment more tolerable and safety for the patients.

“Maximum comfort for the patient Maximum safety for the doctor”

Incorporated Power meter

ThermaeyePlus features a control tool that is extremely useful in daily practice. The integrated power meter constantly monitors the number of pulses emitted, the real effectiveness of each individual pulse, and the correct operation of the handpiece. By allowing doctors and operators to control the effectiveness and correctness of the energy emitted. Medical studios can thus avoid undue and uncontrolled expenditure: the power meter makes it possible to test the handpiece at all times.

Light, Versatile and User-Friendly

ThermaeyePlus equips interchangeable filters. It is not necessary to change the head: just by replacing the filters, in a few seconds the doctor selects the wavelength that best adapts to the application and pathology of the patient.

The different wavelengths available (520nm, 650nm and SA) in combination with the pulsed technology ensure greater absorption of light by melanin, allowing to work even in the darkest phototypes.

User-friendly Software

TermaeyePlus has a software designed exclusively for the treatment of meibomian glands and other pathologies associated with dry eye

3Interchangeable filters, with different spectrum of emission, for a single pulsed light handpiece. It takes only a moment to adjust the emission to the specific application and the patient's phototype.
11Adjustable levels for contact skin-cooling system integrated in the handpiece.
16KgCompact technology. The reduced size of ThermaeyePlus makes it easy to move around.
700grLighweight and compact handpiece for effortless treatment
Power MeterA power meter incorporated in the system monitors the correct operation of the handpiece at all times.

Expanding your Practice

Different Filters Multiple


It is the perfect filter to perform treatments of vascular lesions and skin pigmentation to patients with grade III of skin type.

650 nm

The right combination makes this filter ideal for treating MGD in all skin types, up to grade VI phototype.

SA – 800nm

Thanks to the ultraviolet emission of this filter, we can shoot directly on the eyelid to treat the Demodex in a more efficient way. In addition, thanks to this filter we stimulate the production of new collagen, improving the tone, texture and luminosity of the skin, giving it a lifting effect without the need for more invasive treatments.

Care your patients

IPL hepls to improve the results in each treatment


Many studies confirms that IPL achieves statistically significant improvements in the relief of clinical signs and symptoms of patients affected by MGD related to DED, even after few treatments. The high versatility of ThermaeyePlus device allows doctors to set customized treatments according to patient’s characteristics in order to guarantee maximun efficacy and tolerability.

Technical data

SourceXe Lamp
Spectrum of Emission520 — 1200 nm
650 — 1200 nm
SA 800 — 1200 nm
Pulse WidthFrom 3 to 8 ms
Delay Between PulsesFrom 5 to 50 ms
Number of PulsesFrom 1 to 3
Repetition Rate2 s (min.)
Treatmen Area48 mm x 13 mm (6.2 cm')
FluenceUp to 25 J/cm2
Integrated Skin CoolingContact Peltier system
Emission ControlFootswitch and/or Fingerswitch
Electrical Requirements230Vac / 10A (máx) 50-60 Hz
Dimensions & Weight22 cm (H), 45 cm (D), 37 cm (W), 16 Kg


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